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May 30, 2017 | 3 Minutes Read

The theme of blog, which is next-geek, almost has been done. My only one purpose of doing this is to show off.

“Hey, buddy, look at my blog. Awesome. Right? “


But I didn’t know this costs me so much.

Table of Contents

What am I going to do with this blog?

1.The theme of the blog should keep updated with the current technology. So, this theme maybe changes a lot or add some useless stuff(I hope it could be useful:D )

2.My blog’s name is go deep. So I definitely pay attention to the quality of my articles in my blog. Perhaps some articles looks too easy for you since I am not good at everything what you guys excel at. So, be lenient. Thanks.


I make sure that I will do my best to write all posts.

Sometimes, it happens to me that some posts are totally useless especially in China while I have already spent a lot of time in that. Damn!!!

So, the summary is:



Why did I say this theme costs me a lot?

Because next-geek is created in January, 2017. Mountains of stuff is killing me, which is main reason I didn’t do it so quickly.

When I went to isitmaintained to check my repository, I was surprised by the statistical data. DAMN. 103d for only 1 issue.

I have been fixing this theme for this recent two weeks. Okay, it is encourageing that next-geek is getting better. (So I can show off, Hahaha)

The issues of my blog should get fixed later since a lot of troublesome trivial matters are killing me again. I can’t get affected by these.

And also, I bought three-year domain.(Damn, it costs me 191¥ = 27$) Come on. I am still a poor student. That’s expensive to me.

Fine, I hope blog derserve this.

Future Plan

1.Master Degreen First

Some people may ask: Why don’t you just go to work?

Yeah, probably. But my educational background could look better.

Why need higher degree? Any reasons?

:) Nuh. I have decided to have one master degree. THere’s no special reasons for this. That’s all.

2.Professional Skills Second

I have to earn to live, right? So, I need my professional skill prepared in the future. Or what difference between me and salty fish(Okay, this is a joke in China. Salty fish means man who doesn’t have any dreams.)


Men must have dreams. Even you have already become one of salty fish, then be the most salty one.


3.Front-end Knowledge, such CSS, HTML, Javascript

This is for showing off my blog. :D

4.C++ or Java?

Unfortunately, I can do C++ and Java both.

This is a little troublesome bacause I only have to choose one to expel at.

However, I am young now that I wanna be the best in Java and C++.

C++ is main coding language, with assistant by Kotlin( Java just backs up )

5.Keep multi-language version of posts

I can only speak in Chinese(native), English and Japanese. I will try to write muti-language version of posts to you.

Why I do this? Anyway, noone visits your blog.

:D I don’t care. I am just for myself and for practicing.

Maybe I will add Korean later~

Just Looking Forword.

The End