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Measuring function time is quite necessary sometimes.

It is easy to implement this in other languages but not in Rust.

Therefore, this post will demonstrate some tricks to measure the function execution time.

From the easiest one to the reusable version. Other implementation will also be included, such as Python and Golang.

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This posts comes from the real project scenario.

Later, I surprisedly find there is one problem in Leetcode.

Personally I not a fan of solving Leetcode problems. Let’s write a post here since they provide detailed descriptions.

The problem is easy-level one and not complicated. So, just make it become onf of my cheatseets then.

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This post can explain and show you how to combine io.TeeReader() and io.Pipe together in Golang.

You can easily use bytes.Buffer with io.TeeReader() easily according to the official documents in here.

But you will notice that you may encounter some issues if you choose to use io.Pipe . Here I am.

Notice: This post is for the beginners, not the well-knowledged Golang programmer.

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