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This comes from the main exercise of exercism in rust.

I asked some friends from a small Rust community and I got these elegant codes. These codes are so beautiful and tricky. So I decide to write it down and hope it may be useful for you as well.

You may learn how to “chunk” vector in rust as a string without using a loop while joining characters.

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This comes from the side exercise of exercism in rust.

Mentor gaetanww helped me a lot on code refactoring and logical improvements advice with great patience and careful instruction. He even changed my attitude towards work and researching. I have nothing else to say to express my thanks to my mentor.

So I decide to record the whole process of code improvements and advice from gaetanww.

I am pretty sure that you could gain lessons from this post as well.

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We all know that what discord is and what it does. Okay, if you don’t know what it is, just skip this post.

This post is only for those who have showing issue in their grey box.

Platform: Linux Arch-like

If other distros have the same issue, you may try this. Don’t know whether it works for you.

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Main body

The theme of blog, which is next-geek, almost has been done.

My only one purpose of doing this is to show off.

“Hey, buddy, look at my blog. Awesome. Right? “


But I didn’t know this costs me so much.

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